Haiti – More Than Coffee


Roast: Medium
Varietal: Typica
Elevation: 1100+ Meters
Processing: Fully Washed with spring water, sun dried on raised beds
90 Points from Coffee Review! Highest score ever given to a Haitian coffee

“Unusual opportunity to taste a good Haitian coffee, with the chocolate and soft, rounded acidity long associated with this perennially troubled origin”


We go to Haiti several times a year, deepening relationships and searching out the very best coffees available. We’re trying to help rebuild this once fantastic coffee country. With your help it will happen!

Our Haitian coffees are grown above 1000 meters and are an ancient strain Typica with fantastic flavor and lower acidity. It comes from several towns and regions in various areas of the country including Baptiste, Thiotte, Kinscoff, and Ranquitte.

Origin- 200 years ago this was the largest coffee producer in the world. Haiti, which shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic, is one of many countries in which coffee has been called upon to help heal the scars of war and alleviate poverty. During the mid 1990s conditions in Haiti were so dire owing to a United States-led embargo against the prevailing dictatorship that many farmers burned their coffee trees to produce charcoal for sale in local markets. Haiti coffee, another Caribbean origin with a long and distinguished tradition, virtually disappeared from the specialty coffee menu.

Decades of disorder had so depressed the quality of this once celebrated origin that few in the coffee world probably even noticed or regretted its absence. Today, however, with the help of an international development agency, a cooperative of over 7,000 farmers called Cafeieres Natives produces and markets a revived specialty coffee from Haiti trademarked Haitian Bleu. At its best, Haitian Bleu is rich, opulent and sweetly low-toned, a fine example of the Caribbean cup.

We’ve been working to stabilize and increase quality and quantity of this core coffee for Bonlife, Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere by a wide margin, thank you for helping us change that one bag at a time!

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227 grams/8 ounces per bag