Our Story

A group of dreamers who believe that we can all do something to leave things better than we found them.

Every coffee is the story of many people. From the farmer who cares and harvests the coffee beans, to the traders who transport the coffee to locations worldwide, to the roasters, the brewers, and finally to the drinkers. 

We want people to be more aware of the role we all play in improving the lives of those involved in this story.

Coffee is one of the most valuable and widely-traded commodities in the world, but it is produced almost exclusively in the poorest countries.

Drink a Better Story...

To inspire action, we choose to directly source from farms that produce exceptional quality coffees while also ensuring that farmers and workers are receiving living wages. We strive to positively impact the communities within these regions and regularly visit our farm partnerships.

We work directly with farmers in countries such as Haiti, Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Bolivia, to just name a few! We want to bring back the coffee business to these phenomenal countries and with your help, we are doing that, one farmer at a time.


BonLife literally means  “Good Life” and that’s what we are striving to live and inspire every day.  We are excited to share these coffees with you and for you to join us on this story of impact, sustainability, and empowerment.

Welcome to the story, drink it up.